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Pinned topic Issues with respect to Loading IDoc data into SAP System

‏2006-01-02T05:36:39Z |
Hi All,

Wishing all a Very Happy and a Prosperous New Year.

There are a couple of Source Systems , after applying Business rules to the data and necessary transformations done the data is loaded into the SAP system which is my Target using SAP IDoc Load stage .

The process is fast until the Transformations where we get the necessary O/P data that need to be loaded but when Loading starts there is a huge performance issues and not sure whats happening, Because it takes all the time to start Loading into the SAP system, In order to check the files were split and we tried to load but it worked for the first set and but later hung up.

Could anyone pls advise on what are the necessary tuning need to be done and what part of SAP i need to confirm such that this does not happen in the future.

Any help would be highly appreciated.