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Pinned topic MetaStage - Enviornment Setup ( Architecture )

‏2005-11-21T17:36:47Z |

I am new to MetaStage and we are planning to implement MetaStage in our environment.

I need your suggestions to implement MetaStage environment into current DataStage setup.

Right now, We have three servers for DataStage. Using DataStage Version control changes will be moved from Development  Acceptance (System testing)  Production.

In First Phase of MetaStage
We are planning to integrate ERWin  MetaStage  DataStage

How many MetaStage repositories should we create?

If it is - One Repository –
How we should Manage the Delta ( Changes ) ?

If it is - Two Repositories – (preferable option)

1. First changes are made into ERWin Model
2. Import Erwin model into MetaStage.
3. Publish and subscribe the new objects.
4. Export the objects to DataStage.
5. Complete changes into a DataStage Jobs
6. Import changed DataStage jobs into MetaStage repository.

Once we completed the changes
How should we migrate changes from Development MetaStage repository to Production Repository?

Thanks in advance
Parag K.
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    Re: MetaStage - Enviornment Setup ( Architecture )

    You should plan on a DEV and a PRD environment.

    The six steps you outlined are exactly right.

    You can't "migrate" MetaStage repositories - they must be recreated. When your DataStage environment moves from TST to PRD, you will do an import of the proper ERwin physical model and an import of the newly arrived DataStage project. Then you will have to recreate the ConnectedTo actions you performed in DEV. Now you have your PRD repository.

    (Transcribed from an answer by Tom Engers on [url=]DSXchange[/url] to the same post there.)