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Pinned topic Problem with importing jobs into MetaStage from DataStage

‏2005-11-30T16:25:29Z |
Importing into MS from DS hangs. The decoding process take place and creates a log file. Once the decoding is completed, I depress the Filter button, then depress Select All for all the components related to the DS jobs, and depress Okay. At this point the process hangs. Looking at the Windows task manager, it indicates selection process is not responding.

When this has happened in the past, I would rebuild the respository and the import would work okay. And then it's only a matter of weeks before I have to rebuild again. On the latest rebuild a few days ago, I have not been able at all to sucessfully import jobs due to same problem described above. The number of jobs to import has not grown very much. If I import just a very small subset of the overalll DS jobs, the import somethimes works, other times it does not.

Help! this is a major problem as I need to do impact analysis for the DS developers.