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‏2005-05-18T11:00:49Z |
I need to bypass the login page and allow anyone access to the browser without having to choose an ODBC connection or supplying a username/password. Has anyone done this? Is it possible? What is involved in setting this up?
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    Re: MetaStage Browser

    Hi Aaron,

    Long time no speak... hope all is well.

    If what is being asked is can one display the browser without an ODBC connection/authentication, the answer is no.

    If what is being asked is whether one can always use the same ODBC connection and the same username and password for every invocation of the browser, that should be possible, but it's not a one-line fix, because it basically involves hacking the existing login mechanism. You would need to:

    (a) modify the "login action" class (com/ascential/metastage/browser/ to open a connection using a "default" ODBC DSN, username, and password, and create a user info object and store it in a certain web session variable

    (b) modify the Struts action config file so that the "welcome" action invokes the modified login action, and then forwards to the current "main.jsp" page, instead of going through the login page as it currently does.

    This, this is just an outline of what we think you would need to do. It is not something we would do to the standard product.