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Pinned topic about create a new directory database

‏2006-02-16T23:53:41Z |
when i create a directory database using "metastage administrator", i met an error message. The following is my install steps:

1. in db2, i create a database.
2. create two bufferpools. one is 16k, the other is 32k.
3. create two tablespace. one uses that 16k bufferpool; the other uses that 32k bufferpool.
4. run "db2set db2codepage=1386"
5. create a system odbc which connects to the database. I have test the odbc.
6. create a new directory.

When the screen "tablespace for db2 metastage directory" comes out, i didn't fill anything. click "ok".

an error message said "an unhandled exception has occurred in your application. " It wants me to choose ignore the error or quit. I choose continue(ignore), anything happened. the process is stoped i think.

the message also has "error connecting to directory metadata - hub schema incompatible cannot initialize hub storage"

any help is welcome!

Thanks very much!