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Pinned topic Hawk Release of MetaStage

‏2005-08-17T17:51:47Z |
Any information about what MetaStage looks like in the Hawk release? For example: Is it integrated into DataStage or a standalone product?

Are the same steps required to make process statistics available to the browser or other applications such as a business objects universe? Will MetaStage be required to run on a server to 'listen', import and then publish to CDSA?

What about importing job and table information from DS jobs?

Thanks! Any information would be appreciated from both Ascential and beta users.
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    Re: Hawk Release of MetaStage

    As I understand it, all products (DataStage, ProfileStage, QualityStage, MetaStage) share a common repository, but remain separate products.

    Some level of integration is possible through the active dashboard (project Sorcerer) which is due out any time soon.