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Pinned topic Publishing and re-importing metadata

‏2005-09-29T18:14:21Z |
I'll first describe the scenario:
I have imported an Erwin data model into MetaStage, created a user-category, published it, and then subscribed and exported the table definitions into DataStage.
When I import the table definitions from DataStage into MetaStage again, MetaStage does not recognize that they are the same table definitions automatically, nor does connect them in any way, as far as I can see.

Is this how it's suppose to work? Do I have to connect the tables definitions manually?

Another question I have is: we need to modify some parameters in DataStage; for example, Platform Type, that is left empty. If the tables are modified in Erwin (for example, a column is added), and the steps within MetaStage are repeated, the table definitions in DataStage are replaced. The changes that were made in DataStage are lost and have to be repeated again. Is there a way to avoid this? Maybe I'm missing a step somewhere...

Could anyone please tell me if I'm following the correct procedure, or if there is a better way to do it?

Thanks in advance!