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‏2005-09-20T15:53:20Z |
We are planning to import Data Warehouse Tables and Views metadata from ERwin and push the views metadata via MicroStrategy MetaBroker into MicroStrategy as the DSS table structures for building facts, attributes and hierarchies. We proved that we can publish the metastage DBtables (which is also views) into MicroStrategy.
We want to know if this is the best practice of using MicroStrategy Metadata, since MicroStrategy consultant suggest we use their Data Warehouse Catalog directly from the tool due to all other connected metadata, and thinking the push of table structure from a third party tool may not work.

Any suggestions or ideas on this?


Xiaowen Wang
Limited Brands

p.s. Does Ascential has MicroStrategy 8 metabroker? (The current metabroker (7) is working with MicroStrategy 8 though.