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I am trying to figure out the following.I need your comments if this can be done in Metastage.

For example I have three DataStage jobs.

1)Extract - which uses a complex user defined sql and write the result in to DataSet

2)Transform - which transforms the extracted data using combination of functions both mathematical and string and loads the result in to DataSet

3)Load - Loads the Transformed DataSet in to database table.

Now the question is there any way I can say Column A in the database is caluculated by x,y and z transforms on Col P on the source.

Is there a way in MetaStage I can trace this MetaStage capable to do this....if Yes how can I do this.

It should be able to trace across multiple DS jobs.Can it do this?

If I cannot do this what are the limitations?

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    Yes, this can be done in MetaStage. You will need to import the DataStage project containing the jobs into MetaStage Explorer. You can then run either canned reports, or create your own SQL to extract the DataStage objects you want. We do this on a regular/automated basis with our mapping jobs. Each of the DataStage objects (e.g., transforms, links, columns, etc.) are captured in MetaStage with the project import. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have additional questions.