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Pinned topic Custom Metabroker for loading business data in excel files

‏2005-10-13T09:59:39Z |
We have a requirement to load the contents of an excel file (Business Metadata) into the metadata directory.

What classes and attributes do we need to use in the custom metabroker.

The structure of the business metadata is as follows.

BST Attribute ID
Attribute ID
BST Definition
BST Indicator
BST Rule 01
BST Rule 02
BST Rule 03
BST Rule 04
BST Rule 05
BST Rule 06
BST Rule 07
BST Rule 08
BST Rule 09
BST Rule 10
BST Rule 11
BST Rule 12
BST Rule 13
BST Rule 14
BST Rule 15
BST Rule 16
BST View
BST View Name
BST Attribute Name
How to define this file structure to the metabroker.

We should be able to see the cell contents in the directory.

Can someone please help me on this.