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Pinned topic Cognos ReportNet, PowerDesigner and MetaStage

‏2005-09-06T01:27:03Z |

Does anyone have experience with Cognos ReportNet, PowerDesigner and MetaStage? I've done the MetaStage training but it is focussed on ERWin and Business Objects, but we have neither. And the documentation is utterly crap! I'm trying to find out 3 things;

1. How to deal with a '$GENERATED$' Data Source being populated into ReportNet when using MetaData initially created in PowerDesigner?

2. How to import ALL of the ReportNet metadata back into MetaStage (not just the data model) so we can do proper 'end to end' analysis from source system to report? It seems to only import MetaData from the model XML file and not the database repository which contains references to the actual reports themsleves.

3. How to ensure field comments defined in PowerDesigner are popoulated in the ReportNet model as Screen Tips or Descriptions?

Your help is appreciated!