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I have a few questions considering cooperation between DB2 and DataStage MVS.
I've never installed DataStage MVS and I don't know how it works.
Recenty I've been asked if it's possible to pass data from DS MVS to DB2 on mainframe. I wonder if I need an additional component to do this or DS MVS is enough.

Thanks for any informations.
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    Re: DB2

    This is exactly what DS EE MVS is designed for - source and target on MVS mainframe. The generated/compiled COBOL programs then run on MVS too.

    However, having a DS server "only" environment you can design the same dataflow by getting your file via ftp-stage or ftp it down to your server and just use the regualr DB2-Stage or ODBC. The connection, of course, must be defined in your ODBC configuration resp. DB2 connect (DB2 client) configuration.

    Which solution to choose depends a lot on the amount of data you have to deal with,the amount of jobs to design and the performance you need to achive. For DS EE MVS you could also use Bulk Loading, which, in this specific case, you can't use when using the server version.