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Pinned topic Cobol Code Template?

‏2006-06-07T19:50:46Z |
Hi Everyone,

I am currently working on DataStage MVS version. I designed a job and generated code for the same.

I could see that to generate JCL (Compile and Run) we have got JCL Templates, but the mystery is how is the cobol code generated? From which template? Does DS really use any template?

Since this code is generated at the client end, I was curious to know which file (could be encrypted) does it uses but could not find any.

Could somebody tell me how exactly all this works? Any clues?

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    Re: Cobol Code Template?

    There are several COBOL copybooks you can customize for DataStage MVS. In the online Help, look in the Contents for the topic "Generating Code for Mainframe Jobs", and then the sub-topic "Customizing Code".

    Pete K.