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Iam working on Datastage 7.5.1.A and my database is DB2 7.1. I have server jobs and I want some jobs to design in Parallel
My Ascential and Database are on different servers. When Iam doing lookup with db2 it is asking for dbinstance name. I gave instance name in db2/udb enterprise stage --- output page --- properties ---- connection/server. But it gives an error
Error Executing View data command:

EE TNDB 00027 12:40:16(000) <DB2_UDB_ Enterprise_1> The getpwnam() function failed for the DB2INSTANCE environment variable.
How to Set this DB2INSTANCE environment Variable. Do I need to give DB2 installation home directory (APT_DB2INSTANCE_HOME) in administrator which is in different server .

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    Re: Problem with DB2 lookup

    Assuming you're on a UNIX platform, the best place to set DB2INSTANCE is in the $DSHOME/dsenv script.