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‏2005-09-09T18:14:25Z |
We have DS PX 7.5x2 on Win 2003. Our Database is SQL Server.
We want to use SQL Server Enterprise Plug-in, since Ascential insists size=14:757b05b373u:757b05b373b:757b05b373Data Direct SQL Server Wire driver[/b:757b05b373][/u:757b05b373][/size:757b05b373] color=red:757b05b373b:757b05b373MUST[/b:757b05b373][/color:757b05b373] be used for sqlsrvrread, sqlsrvrlookup or sqlsrvrupsert.

DataDirect has this driver and the driver comes in different versions for various environments.

b:757b05b373Do you know the exact version that is required for DataStage PX on Windows 2003 for SQL Server 2000?[/b:757b05b373]

If this is a requirement (must have), why Ascential doesn't supply this driver? or at least mention the version of driver in the reference manual for SQL Server Enterprise Plug-in?

Any help would be really helpful.