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Pinned topic Problems accessing UDB on AIX from VAGen 4.5

‏2006-06-20T08:46:53Z |

we have installed VAJava 3.5.3, VAGen 4.5 FP5 and UDB 8.2.
On two AIX machines we have installed an UDB Database, one AIX machine is the test and the other the production environment.
We are able to validate SQL statement against the test database and to trace with ITF on this database. This we did by configure the database on a Win 2K server (referencing directly to AIX) and access from VAGen via server to AIX.

Now we want to configure the same access for the production database, but ITF and validate didn´t work - we get an SQL -551 (unsufficient access authority).
We are able to access the database from the same workstation via an UDB 8.2 Client without getting that error. And we bound the production database with all DB2 service programs and with VAGen (hptdb245.bnd).

Does anybody has a hint for us, what we did wrong?

Thanx in advance for any help.

Matthias Pauling