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Pinned topic J9 JVME on PDAPhone and Bluetooth support

‏2006-06-17T14:18:29Z |

In order to run some tests before starting to develop an applet I achieved to install J9 v6.1 (both PPRO11 and MIDP20) on my Qtek S200.

Therefore I could download and install properly the Mobile GMaps app (which corresponds well in its features to what I'd like to develop myself).

I also own a bluetooth GPS receiver which works fine natively with my PDAPhone...

But when it comes to MGmaps there is an option under "settings" tab
in order to interface the app with BT GPS receiver (precisely what I'd like to do myself : connect a BT device to my PDA in a running Java midlet)

Initially I get an error message in the app saying "No bluetooth on this device"
but when putting the avelinkbt.jar in my J9\MIDP20\lib\jclMidp20\ext
subdir and launch again the MGmaps app then I don't get anymore this
message : I reach the screen to pair with bluetooth device. 1 step
good :-) (note I got this avelinkbt.jar from the downloadable package from Avelink, saying it works with J9)

My problem is that when I click on "refresh", nothing seems to happen
at all...

Does anybody know how to install properly J9 with atinav in order to
make my PDA JSR-82 compliant in Java environment ?

Thx for your help !