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‏2006-06-09T19:23:43Z |


I´m working on a Library that let eVB applications use the MQe Facility. All in all the interface between eVB and the Library use the Mobile Device File System, so when eVB appl needs to send a message creates a file on a desired folder and invoques a Library Method.
In the Library I need to open the file, take the file contents, create a Message and send it to a Specified Queue, when I can send the message I need to move the file to a SentItems folder.

Some constrains:

Like MQe dosen´t has an transaction facility I use the ConfirmID mechanism so I can:
a) Put the Message
b) Move the File
c) Confirm the Message
In that way I can assure to the eVB application that the Message is either: 1) visible on the Queue and moved to SentItems Folder or 2) on the Outbox Folder (and maybe unconfirmed on the Queue)


That works great for the Gateway Queues, my customer like to use a Bridge Queue...

In first test I can see that the MQ can consume the message before I send the ConfirmPut !!!

Is there a way to solve this problem ?

I tried the resend flag aproach but it dosn´t work... I means, if I´m correct about it the Gateway must discard duplicated messages, but it´s not what he is doing.

So what is the mechanism that uses the Bridge to identify dupplicated messages ???

I try same MessageID, same ConfirmID, both of them MessageID and ConfirmID...

Any help will be welcome,
Thanks in advance,