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‏2006-06-08T08:46:02Z |
I have got a p510 system and i have installed RHEl 4 on it. I have installed an ups on this system and the ups software packages has also been installed as p510 docs that it has only "virtual" serial ports, and these cannot connect to a UPS/ printer. so we obtained details for feature 5723, a two portPCI serial card and installed it. When the card was installed while it showed in the "lspci" command, but "setserial" shows UART as unknown.
can anybody tell me how to configure and use this card in linux on my p510.
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    Re: configure serial card on p510


    That serial card (5723) might require that the JSM serial port driver be loaded.

    I believe that card is rather new, so you may need a service pack on top of base RHEL4.
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    Re: configure serial card on p510