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‏2006-05-15T17:22:45Z |
Welcome to the Websphere Portlet Factory Web Services & XML Schema Forum! We hope that former Bowstreet Portlet Factory customers will find their way from the BCP to this and the other Portlet Factory Forums. We also welcome new users of Websphere Portlet Factory; we're happy to hear from you. We encourage you to ask questions, share knowledge and make suggestions to improve WPF.

Many postings from the BCP forums contained valuable hints and answers and so are being moved to IBM TechNotes. Please search there as well as here for answers. We may also populate these forums with some of the BCP exchanges.

The WPF development team is pretty proud of this product and would like to see every customer become proficient and highly productive in its use. As true engineers, we hope always to build products that people will use, value and enjoy.

We want this community to belong to our users. Although the WPF development team will be monitoring these forums, our highest hope is that most of the responses will come from you, the user community. Please note that when we respond, we will be as timely as we can, but we can't guarantee response times. So everyone else, chip in and share!
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    How to use Portal Document Manager Access builder in Portal Factory. What to be filled for Document type under Portal Document Manager Access. I clicked on "Search for Document Types", a pop up with no available data appears. How to add files to it? I use IBM Websphere portal