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Pinned topic Error getting in EJB to RDB Mapping

‏2006-05-06T06:52:10Z |

I am new to Websphere application server and studio. I am trying to a configure J2ee application using Websphere studio. I am using Entity beans and session beans in my application. I have created the database in DB2 v8.2 in a another machine in the same LAN. But when i tried to map the Entity bean's fields to DB2 table fields using EJB to RDB Mapping bottom up approach, I am geting an error message as given below

"The version of thr IBM Universal JDBC driver in use is not licenced for connectivity to DB2 for Unix/Windows Databases. To connect to this DB2 server, please obtain a licenced cpoy of IBM DB2 Universal Driver for JDBC and SQLJ. An appropriate licence_*.jar for this target platform must be installed to the application class path. Connectivity to DB2 for Unix/Windows databases is enabled by any of the following licence files:{ db2jcc_licence_cu.jar, db2jcc_licence_cisuz.jar }"

I tried to add "db2jcc_licence_cu.jar" file to my project's build path as external jar and as a variable. But still i am getting the same error.

My DB2 Universal DB version id 8.2. But when i tried to map the field, i could find only DB2 Universal DB v8.1. in Database vendor type list box. I didn't find DB2 Universal Db v8.2. So i selected version 8.1 there. Is error occuring because of this?

If not how can we set db2jcc_licence_cu.jar to the application path?

Please help

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