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Pinned topic Problems with Mobile Portlets Miscellaneous: "Add xdime markup support" option not available

‏2006-04-18T06:49:44Z |
I am planning to develope mobile portlets and I found developerworks article "Develope Mobile Portlets with Websphere Everyplace Mobile Portal"

I have set up the develop environment:
Rational Application Developer 6.00 -> 6.01 updated, portal tools selected.
Websphere Portal Server
Websphere Application Server
Websphere Applcation Developer Integration edition 5.1.1
Websphere Device Developer 5.7.1
Portal Toolkit Version
IBM(R) WebSphere(R) Everyplace(R) Toolkit V5.1

Nice amount of tools to install.:) So the problem is I tried to follow the instruction of the article "Create XDIME resources", but while Creating New Portlet project I have no "Add xdime markup support" option available.

Could any one give me advice, why the XDIME option is not available and how to solve the problem?

Thanks for Advance,