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Pinned topic CIM-Core install troubles on AIX 5.2/5.3 an other questions

‏2006-04-04T09:18:21Z |
Well my monitored environment is 100% AIX (no x or iseries)with the Director Console on Windows and the Director Server is on an micropartion. I get problems when I try to install IBM.Director.DirectorCimCore
I installed sysmgt.pegasus.cimserver.rte and sysmgt.pegasus.osbaseproviders (latest versions from newest AIX Expansion pack). I can also install IBM.Director.Agent.IBMDirAgent without troubles but the CimCore install Fails with:
stopping cimlistener...

stopping cimserver...

loading AgentProviderSchema_AIX.mof

loading AgentProviderRegistration_AIX.mof

loading AssetIDProviderSchema_AIX.mof

loading AssetIDProviderRegistration_AIX.mof

loading default handlers and subscriptions...

failed to load default handlers and subscriptions.
instal: Failed while executing the ./IBM.Director.DirectorCimCore.post_i script.
0503-464 installp: The installation has FAILED for the "usr" part
of the following filesets:

installp: Cleaning up software for:

0503-422 installp: An internal error has occurred. Expected
information was not found in the Software Vital Product Data.
vpdget PRODUCT_TABLE.lpp_name=IBM.Director.DirectorCimCore vpderrno=-7 odmerrno=0

Well I already know that the solution fpr AIX5.3 is moving to ML4 (made this successful on the Director Server) but I get the same problem on AIX 5.2 ML06 (the mass of my clientent machines :-/). I cant move all my Clients to another ML "just" for an Monitoring tool.

My questions are now:
-> What does the CimCore component exact?
-> I suspect it has something to do with external storage, am I right?
-> Do I need the CimCore on both Client and Server?
-> Are there any extensions neccessary or at least available for pseries?
(all I found of additional Modules were for linux or windows)
Is all the shown functionallity in console possible with a simple Agent
Installation on pseries or doe the console also show modules which must be
downloaded seperate?

Thanks in advance Sebastian

PS: sorry for my english, I'm not native speaker.