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Pinned topic Unable to load interpreter /lib/

‏2006-03-15T02:54:04Z |
Red Hat Linux release 6.2 (Zoot)
Kernel 2.2.14-5.0 on an i686

Mar 14 22:47:44 ccept kernel: VFS: file-max limit 8192 reached
Mar 14 23:12:38 ccept kernel: Unable to load interpreter /lib/
Mar 14 23:12:38 ccept inetd525: pid 30455: exit status 1
Mar 14 23:13:34 ccept kernel: Unable to load interpreter /lib/
Mar 14 23:13:34 ccept inetd525: pid 30457: exit status 1

what's this means?
thanks for any help!
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    Re: Unable to load interpreter /lib/

    It means that the virtual filesystem switch(VFS) thinks it exceeded the maximum number of open files. You also seem to be running a very old version of Linux (released in 2000). I searched for some clues and there seem to have been some reports of the file-max being exceeded that are related to getting too many interrupts too quickly, perhaps for faulty hardware. Try searching on the terms
    linux vfs file-max
    for some clues.

    Ian Shields.