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Pinned topic WVR 4.2: Exporting voice segments?

‏2006-03-10T16:31:22Z |
Hi, all.

I'm running WVR 4.2 on AIX, and I've recently begun experimenting with the BVI utility. I've noticed that there are all sorts of options for the import of audio segments, but there do not appear to be any choices for exporting the audio out of WVR, back into some playable format. I do know that I can take Voice Directories and export them into a WVR application archive, but I'm looking for something that lets me play the audio segments.

Does WVR come with the ability to export voice segments back into a playable format?

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    Re: WVR 4.2: Exporting voice segments?

    Once I export the audio segments I use the free version of the software GoldWave (http://www.goldwave.com/) with the following settings to listen to them:

    File type: Raw(snd,raw)
    Attributes: u-Law, mono
    Rate(Hz): 8000

    This software also allow you to convert this files into .wav or any other audio format that you like. Good luck!