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Pinned topic Why Ruby is great for Java programmers

‏2006-01-31T01:37:13Z |
If you're a Java programmer looking to add another language to your arsenal of skills (who isn't?), Andrew Glover thinks you can do worse than Ruby. Strip away the current hype about Ruby on Rails and Web development frameworks in general and you're left with a powerful programming language that, if nothing else, will broaden your view of how a language can be designed.

According to Glover, "Ruby's syntax is quite different from that of the Java language, but it's amazingly easy to pick up. Moreover, some things are just plain easier to do in Ruby than they are in the Java language."

This article draws parallels between Java and Ruby in terms of class definitions, creating object instances, collections handling, typing, and a whole lot more. Check it out if you haven't already.

Tom Young
Editor, Linux zone