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Pinned topic Closing file descriptor gives error On AIX 5.2 system

‏2006-01-16T09:31:08Z |
on AIX 5.2 system my process fails closing the file descriptor
the same was observerd in 5.1/5.3

Truss output shows fail of close() function call. close() has returned with exit status 1.

This problem is noticed only on AIX 5.2 systems installed with ML04 directly during Operating system installation (Using OS CD which comes with Base OS and ML04). Systems which are installed with Base Operating system are working fine even after applying ML04 on the same.

With ML 7 also we were able to notice the problem.
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    Re: Closing file descriptor gives error On AIX 5.2 system

    Do you mean it is returning -1? What is the value of errno? Note that if the close subroutine is interrupted by a signal that is caught, it returns a value of -1, the errno global variable is set to EINTR and the state of the FileDescriptor parameter is closed (from

    Ian Shields.