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Pinned topic Customizing WEA Client / Developing own WEA Client

‏2005-12-19T13:20:06Z |

we are evaluating WEA 5.1 and try to customize the GUI of the WEA Client
(e.g. to integrate a corporate logo). We tried this in the WEA Client for
Pocket PC.
In this Client the local browser is used to show the GUI of the WEA client.
We looked into the file system and identified a few HTML files containing
the GUI. So we tried to change this HTML files. But every time a user
accesses the WEA Client's GUI the HTML files are overwritten with the
original ones. I think they are generated "on demand" (TM) by the WEA

So my question is: Is there a way to customize the look and feel of the WEA
Client on Pocket PC? Can you give me a starting point of documentation? If
there is no possibility to do this: Is there a way to implement a own client
using something like a WEA Client API? How about other platforms? Are the
implementations of the WEA Client all proprietary to a specific platform or
is there some generic client (e.g. written in Java (J2ME))?

Kind regards