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Pinned topic WebSphere Project Versioning ?

‏2005-12-12T14:31:01Z |
When a project is completed and installed in "production", it cannot
longer be changed, but it does still reside on the local file system
for building purposes.

Then project is copied into new directory, assigned a next release
number, and development continues in that directory. Normally there
are directories like 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 and so on. Developers can check-
out and check-in files in that new directory, as well as rollback

My questions are:
1. How to "fix" project in WebSphere, so it cannot be modified in
any way?
2. How to properly launch a next release of the project with
corresponded updates in ClearCase?

PS: I know how to copy a project in Workbench (it's too simple :),
but it's not exact Project Versioning.

Evgeny Gesin