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Pinned topic web signature feature now available

‏2005-12-06T17:24:16Z |
If you post via the web, you may have noticed a relatively new feature providing for your personal signature. This allows each of your forum postings to contain a bit of information about you. It works like an email signature feature.

To first use the feature, logon to developerWorks and choose "Edit your profile" in the upper-right box called "My developerWorks". Choose the "Forums" tab and the "Signature" option. Add your personal information and select "Submit" at the bottom to save. Henceforth, future web postings will be graced with your delightful signature.

Web signatures provide a way for you to be better identified for your forum contributions. Some dW users do not get a good system indication of who sent the message (we're working on that root problem). So this web signature provides a way for members to learn who sent the message and (if you choose) how they can contact you off-list.

Please consider adding your contact information to this area to entertain private emails. Consider adding your geographic location for human color. Consider sharing your job title and company if that is important. For an example, please see my signature at the end of this message.

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss anything about the relatively new signature capability.
Yours, Marc
Marc Siegel
IBM Rational developerWorks Community Manager
408.342.4774, email: marcsiegel at, AIM: marcsiegel10