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Pinned topic WSAD plugin for IBM HttpServer

‏2005-11-30T11:08:20Z |
I have an enterprise application that uses a lot of static content in the form of shtmls. The application's target environment is IBM HTTP server and Websphere. The static content is served by the web server. I use WSAD for the development environment, which is not able to serve shtml content. I want to use IBM HTTP server for the static content in the dev environmnt and have the dynamic content served from WSAD. But I do not know how to configure IBM HTTP server to use the Websphere plugin to connect to WSAD. I have come across some sites which say that WSAD and IBM HTTP server can be used in the same style as we use IBM HTTP server and Websphere application server using WAS plugin. But there is no plugin-cfg.xml file for WSAD
Could someone advice me how to do this.