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Pinned topic how to crawl Oracle database in omnifind?

‏2005-11-22T06:56:55Z |
hi everyone,

i want to search with in oracle database.
can we do this with omnifind?
is anyone having any material regarding that??

thanks & regards,
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    Re: how to crawl Oracle database in omnifind?

    Hi Vishal,

    I'm guessing you solved your installation problem!

    OmniFind does support searching an Oracle database. For that, you need to install and setup WebSphere Information Integrator Standard Edition and federate your Oracle database with DB2. OmniFind crawls Oracle via WebSphere II Standard Edition's federation technology.

    Here's what you need to do:
    • Install the Oracle client and configure it to connect to your Oracle database. Test with SQLPLUS to make sure that you can connect to your database and issue basic select statements.
    • Install WebSphere II Standard Edition on top of DB2. The installer should recognize the Oracle client and do the appropriate setup
    • With the DB2 Control Center, create a "wrapper" for Oracle, then a server, a user mapping and then nicknames for all the tables/views that you want to search. Test with the DB2 command-line that you can issue select statements against those.
    • In OmniFind, create a DB2 crawler and configure it to crawl the nicknames created in the previous step.

    If you need help with the database federation setup, please refer to the WebSphere II Standard Edition documentation, or the following IBM redbook There should also be tutorials on developerWorks

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    Re: how to crawl Oracle database in omnifind?


    Or you can just use JDBC driver to connect with Oracle database