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Pinned topic Reverse Proxy with WEA v5.0

‏2005-11-07T16:02:18Z |
hi folks,
we have the following setup. we have a web entry server that is accessable from the internet. that web entry server acts as a reverse proxy. our wea is behind that reverse proxy and not directly accessable from the internet. if i do device management with that configuration i have the follwing problem: i am able to connect to the wea server (the client asks for available jobs) if there is no job it ends normal. but if there are jobs the client tries to execute this jobs. but the jobs have absolute paths to the internal address of the wea server (they should have the path to the web entry server). does anyone know how i can configure wea that it defines the job urls realtive?

thanks in advance for any advice.

kind regards

p.s: i already searched hundreds of rebook pages...:-(