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Pinned topic Unable to find EJB using WSAD 5.1.1

‏2005-06-15T15:47:26Z |
Good Morning to All!

I have been scratching my head all day yesterday trying to understand this error:

2005-06-15 09:44:38,203Servlet.Engine.Transports : 1FATAL
{ServiceLocator}{getHome}{CONFIG0001}{Failed to find EJB Reference from JNDI tree}{External Message:Name comp/env/ejb not found in context "java:".}

What is going on is the user is logging into the web application. The process is the user comes in from the web container and enters the EJB container through the AdminEJB. The AdminEJB has a reference to a singleton POJO entitled ServiceLocator. This POJO follows the locator pattern. One of the things the Locator is attempting to accomplish is retrieving the CacheEJBLocalHome. This Cache ejb has a JNDI name of


I have promoted the Cache ejb to the Local and the Remote interfaces using WSAD.

I realize the lookup method can not find the EJB, but I do not know what is causing this behavior. I originally thought the AdminEJB needed a bean reference to the CacheEJB, but this did not work.

Any insight or debugging techniques into this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading my post.