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‏2005-06-03T15:23:16Z |

In RequisitePro, I need to move requirements out of Word documents into the database, so that it's location attribute changes from "xxxx.doc" to "Database". This process works fine manually with the RequisitePro GUI opening the Word document, cutting the requirement using the Requirement Cut command in Word's RequisitePro menu. Then I switch to RequisitePro and paste the requirement using the Paste command in the Edit menu. It is important for me, that the requirement ID does not change and that the requirement's history is not lost.

I want to automate this process within a tool built in c++ using the Requisite Pro Extensibility Interface (RPX). So far, I only succeeded to move requirements between packages using the Package->AddElement() method. But this is not the indended functionality.

[b]Is there a way to move the requirement out of the Word document into the database using the RequisitePro Extensibility Interface or any other interface to RequisitePro/Word?[/b] It is neither possible to use the OLE interface, because I do not know how to access the RequisitePro Cut command in Word (if this is possible at all).

Thanks a lot!
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    Re: Move requirements out of word documents into the database

    I'm looking for the same functionality from RPX, but instead using Java. Are there any updates?