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Pinned topic Accessing DB2/400 from Python

‏2005-05-20T17:29:18Z |

I'm doing some automation in python and I was trying to see a way of accessing DB2/400 database from python on Linux. This is what I've tryied so far.

1. pyodb - This module is in alpha, is very slow, not reliable, limitted and not maintained often.
2. pyodbc - compiled but I didn't got it to work.
3. DB2 module - need the DB2 client and is for DB2 UDB on linux or other platforms, not necesarly for DB2/400

The process is running right now from a VB.NET and I want to get it out of that to use Python. One option is to run it on Mono, but I want to standarize everything on Pyton or Ruby.


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    Re: Accessing DB2/400 from Python

    Just wondering if you ever had any luck with Python access to DB2/400.

    Really interested in a Ruby to DB2/400 access.