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Pinned topic perl unpack function template for Redhat Linux 8

‏2005-05-09T19:33:21Z |
Due to IBM's recent 2 Billion dollar investment in the open source market, I would hope an IBM developer would be able to give me a valid perl 'unpack()' function template ( like $template = "s i A12 A4 A32 A256 s s l i i A20"; ), based on the following definition:

struct exit_status {
short int e_termination; /* process termination status. */
short int e_exit; /* process exit status. */

struct utmp {
short ut_type; /* type of login */
pid_t ut_pid; /* pid of login process */
char ut_lineUT_LINESIZE; /* device name of tty − "/dev/" */
char ut_id[4]; /* init id or abbrev. ttyname */
char ut_userUT_NAMESIZE; /* user name */
char ut_hostUT_HOSTSIZE; /* hostname for remote login */
struct exit_status ut_exit; /* The exit status of a process
marked as DEAD_PROCESS. */
long ut_session; /* session ID, used for windowing*/
struct timeval ut_tv; /* time entry was made. */
int32_t ut_addr_v6[4]; /* IP address of remote host. */
char pad20; /* Reserved for future use. */