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Pinned topic Cmake compatibility mode for clearmake

‏2005-04-19T20:22:18Z |
We currently use clearmake -C gnu for running our builds. We are thinking about using DART with Cmake to implement a continuous build and test process. Does anyone use DART with CC and UCM? Does anyone use a continuous build process with UCM?

My thoughts on how to do this:
1. My build script will already rebase my build view to a specified baseline and run the build. That all works pretty good. I don't have to worry about merge conflicts because this view is only used to do builds.
2. Currently I make a baseline and then I compile and test the build. If the tests fail then the baseline is demoted to rejected . If it passes then the baseline is promoted to tested. This is a manual process until the Unit tests (cppUnit and JUnit) are written and are ready to be run. I will add this step to the build script when they are finished.

So you can see I have a good start. I do have some areas where I need some help or advice and they are:
1. How to tell when a delivery has been completed? My thoughts are a trigger on the deliver_complete command that sets a .changed file in some system directory and then have a cron job check for the file and then do the build if it exists. There are some other issues with this but I think this is the simplest.
2. How compatible is the Cmake make file and gnu make? This could cause problems with clearmake. Does anyone know?



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