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Pinned topic Bargein does not work for audio prompts queued before an Object Tag, which calls a State Table

‏2005-04-01T22:07:00Z |
We are rewriting a State Table IVR application using VXML 2.0. While most of the code in State Tables is converted to VXML, but we still have some functionality residing in State Tables. We call these state tables using the OBJECT Tag. Now if we have VXML page as follows:

<property name="bargein" value="true"/>
<property name="bargeintype" value="speech"/>
<prompt bargein="true" >
<audio expr="voicePath + 'WELC/400.wav'"/>
<audio expr="voicePath + 'WELC/405.wav'"/> </prompt>
<object name="callVruMsgDrvr" classid="method://" codetype="javacode-ext">
<param name="setName" value="VRU_MSG_DRVR" />
<param name="setEntryPoint" value="Start" />
<param name="setEncoding" value="ISO8859-15" />
<param name="setParms" expr="new Array (clientId,planId,drvrMsgFlag,'WELC03',planId,mpStatus,emplStatus,'','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','','')" />
<property name="bargein" value="true"/>
<property name="bargeintype" value="speech"/>


The audio prompts in the BLOCK tag get played, but we can not interrupt them. We have some voice Segments in the State Table, which only get played once the Audio prompts in the BLOCK are completely played.

Basically we are not able to bargein for this situation.

Any Clues?

Mahender Singh