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Pinned topic EJBQL Validation errors

‏2005-03-24T20:08:15Z |

I installed Fixpack 6 for WSAD 5.1.2 .
After that I getting EJBQL validation error for all my EJB projects with
The error says "An error has occured running EJBQL Validation.Check the
error log.".

The log file says there is a EJBQLValidation Exception, but does not specify
what the error is.


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    Re: EJBQL Validation errors

    For those who is still searching for solution for this one. I am upgrading an EJB project from DB2V8.1 to DB2V9.1 and encountered the same issue for the past several days. I am using the Meet-In-the-Middle to map the EJB to tables. This error showed up right after the mapping and really drove me nuts. You may find the error log by opening a PDE runtime view but that error log doesn't help much. The cause of the error is because the mapping was not done correctly. You may need to map the table to EJB manually worst case scenario and make sure that every attribute in EJB is correctly mapping to the attribute in its corresponding table. In this way the error has never occurred.

    Hope this helps.