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Pinned topic Micro Environment lifecycle and push problems

‏2005-03-14T17:29:10Z |
I'm running MicroEnvironment 5.7.1 on a Sprint Treo 650 and facing 2 large problems with Websphere.

1) Lifecycle: pauseApp and destroyApp never seem to get called. When a phone call comes in or user action causes switching to another application, not only does the midlet not reload after the phone call (expected behavior is for it to go into a pause state), but the destroyApp method doesn't seem to get called either so there's no way for an a MIDlet to know it should shut itself down.

2) Push Registery: Adding push events via JAD file or programmatically gives an error. Why are MIDP 2.0 Push Registry events not supported? We're writing a MIDlet that needs to be notifyed when new data is available and start up.

Any assistance would be great.