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Pinned topic WSAD 5.0 to 5.1.2

‏2005-02-14T21:43:45Z |
We are moving from WSAD 5.0 to 5.1.2

In our Prod/Test enviroments we are using WAS ND 5 with
JDK and J2RE 1.3.1

Now how will this impact our development with WSAD 5.1.2? I made sure
the JDK compliance is for 1.3, and also the installed JREs ..I am
little lost there. I know I'll have to use the JRE for 1.3 ..but which
one would that be? Does the installation of WSAD5.1.2 provide one?

I tried migrating my application from WSAD 5 to 5.1.2, and got a bunch
of errors/warnings :(

e.g.In 5.1.2, j2ee.jar did not have the implementation for

Would be grateful if somebody please point me in the right direction