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Pinned topic Changing server administrator passwords

‏2005-01-11T23:42:51Z |
Can someone please help with a question I have regarding the changing of the Server admin passwords?

In the WEA infocenter the documentation states that the order in which this is done is v.important. It then goes on to say "Change the password for each component used, then change the portal, and finally change the WebSphere Application Server and directory server ID and password."

The documentation then provides what looks like step by step instructions but step 1 details changing the WAS server password i.e.
"1. Change the WebSphere Application Server administrator ID and password. If the WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Everyplace Access portal server administrator IDs are different, you must change the application server ID using the Administrative Console."

I find this a little confusing as it seems to contradict itself.

This is a link to Infocenter page:
**Any input would be greatly appreciated!**