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Pinned topic CodePro v2.3.2 Release - 425+ Audit Rules & Metrics

‏2004-01-28T03:30:04Z |
CodePro Studio v2.3.2 has been released which adds dozens of new audit rules
and enhances dozens of others.

CodePro Studio adds several hundred enhancements to Eclipse and WSAD
including the following features...

o Support for Eclipse 2.0.x, 2.1.x and Eclipse 3.0 M6
o Code Audit
- More than 370 audit violations caught
- Dynamic code audit mode catches errors as they occur
- Easily add your own audit rules via an Eclipse extension point
- Easily exchange audit rule sets with other developers
- Full support for Ant scripts and headless operation
- Built-in "Quick Fix" integration to automatically fix most violations
- Generate detailed audit reports in multiple formats
o Code Metrics
- Several dozens metrics with drill down and trigger points
- Easily exchange metrics sets with other developers
- Full support for Ant scripts and headless operation
- Generate detailed metrics reports in multiple formats
o Project/Package Dependency Analyzer
- Graphically examine cycles and closures
- Generate detailed dependency reports & metrics
o Design Patterns (all 23 "Gang of Four" plus many others)
o Javadoc Repair Tool
o Spell Checker for Comments, Identifiers, Literals, Property & XML Files
o Enhanced JUnit Test Case Wizard
o Color Enhanced Java Views
o Java History View
o Modified Types and Members views
o VA Java-style views and perspective
o Ant script wizard and enhanced Ant tasks
o Powerful task scheduler for Eclipse scripting
o Many Editor Enhancements
o Memory Monitor
o Auto-format & Auto-organize-imports on save
o Preference Import/Export/Exchange Tool
o Global workspace administration
o Inter-workspace messaging
o Eclipse-based (Koi) Collaboration Server

For a screen shot of many CodePro features in action...

For a complete set of product documentation...

To download CodePro Studio...

For more information or quantity pricing contact our sales department at
800-808-3737 or

-Eric Clayberg
Sr. Vice President of Product Development
Instantiations, Inc.