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Pinned topic Error in dropping column

‏2004-09-24T09:23:48Z |
alter table gbsclus.emp drop column emp_id

SQL0952 Processing of the SQL statement ended. Reason code 10. Cause . . . . . : The SQL operation was ended before normal completion. The reason code is 10. Reason codes and their meanings are: 1 -- An SQLCancel API request has been processed, for example from ODBC. 2 -- SQL processing was ended by sending an exception. 3 -- Abnormal termination. 4 -- Activation group termination. 5 -- Reclaim activation group or reclaim resources. 6 -- Process termination. 7 -- An EXIT function was called. 8 -- Unhandled exception. 9 -- A Long Jump was processed. 10 -- A cancel reply to an inquiry message was received. 0 -- Unknown cause. Recovery . . . : If the reason code is 1, a client request was made to cancel SQL processing. For all other reason codes, see previous messages to determine why SQL processing was ended.

Processing ended because the highlighted statement did not complete successfully
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    Re: Error in dropping column

    The cancel reply to an inquiry message has to do with CPA32B2 somewhere previous to the SQL0952 message. The default message reply is 'C'.
    Two way I know around this is:
    1. Change the default message reply in the message file (WRKMSGD CPA32B2) to an 'I'.
    2. Add an entry in the reply list entry screen for CPA32B2 with the default reply as 'I'. You also need to make sure the job description for that job has the parameter 'Inquiry message reply' set to *sysrpyl.