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‏2004-09-04T20:10:33Z |
I am trying to open up a few ports on my firewall - which is built-in to
my wireless system - so that I can use RSE at home.

The basic RSE works just fine - no problems.

The trouble starts with STRRSESVR. According to the help text on the
command it should default to port 4300 - but according to my comms log
the requests are coming at me in the 5200 range (5238 and 5263 being two
of them). I tried specifying a port that was open on the firewall and
although my firewall log does not show the request being rejected,
nothing happened.

I am having a similar problem with the debugger - but I think my whole
debug engine is screwed up so .....

If I move my machine temporarily to the DMZ then the RSE server works
fine - so I know it is a port issue.

Question is which ports, and why is the default of 4300 not being used?

Jon Paris
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    Re: Ports Used by RSE Servers


    Any luck finding where the default ports are listed?