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‏2004-08-25T15:49:06Z |
I have successfully 'consumed' our own Web Service deployed with .NET from my Windows and Unix clients written in Python using SOAPpy. However, if we deploy this same Web Service with Tomcat on Windows or Unix OR deploy it with SUN App Server on Windows or Unix, I can't get the clients to work. It seems that Python does not preserve the order of named arguments. Also, looking at the WSDL for the Web Service, all parameters for the methods are named as String_1, int_2, String_3, int_4, ..., String_n etc. So, my questions are:

Have you tried to use SOAPpy (or ZSI) against a Tomcat or SUN App Server Web Service (make sure the method you attempt to execute requires more than 2 parameters)?

Is there a way to change the names of the method parameters to a more meaningful name instead of String_n ?

If you have a working client example of the above, please post or send it to me!