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Pinned topic WebSphere MQ Everyplace Information Center 2.0.1

‏2004-08-24T09:28:31Z |

My colleague Steph Strugnell and I, in Hursley's UT dept (User Technologies - in this case, technical writing) have recently
completed a revamp of the MQe books into an Information Center, shipped as an Eclipse doc plugin.

You can find details and the download here:-

The download zip has a ReadMe.txt in it that describes what you get, and how to view it. Briefly: you can download either the
Eclipse workbench and view it in there, or you can download the "IBM WebSphere Help System" which is a standalone doc plugin
viewer and use that.

The information has been completely restructured and consolidated, but is largely taken from (five of) the old books, and apart
from some error corrections is unchanged.
There are some new pages, including some that provide an introduction to the product for new users, and a set that provide a
Walkthrough of developing a Basic Application.
Feedback so far is that the restructure and consolidation has made the information easier to find, and has to some extent
alleviated the previous perception that information was missing.
To provide formal feedback to IBM, use the mechanisms as described in the Info Center itself.

You can provide informal comments to this forum, and we welcome them, but this won't result in a fix.
If you want something considered for fixing, you must use the formal procedure (RCF).

You can find other related documentation, including the "PDF Collections" (built from the same source as the Information
Center), here:-

NOTE: The PDF Collections are intended only for when a print is considered vital - they are not correctly formatted books, and
they contain limitations (especially when viewing onscreen, for which they are not intended), as described in their introductory
sections "About this topic collection". Please do not attempt to give feedback on the PDF collections.
Hope you find it useful!


Joho (John Maltby, Hursley Lab, UK)