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Pinned topic Bandwidth Management w/ HTB

‏2004-02-05T21:37:37Z |
I've the following network situation:

ISP (256Kbit) -- eth1-LinuxRouter-eth0 -- LAN

I want to allocate 50% of total bandwidth for www, irc, and dns, 40% for online game (that use port 5000/tcp), and 10% for all other traffic flow-out to my LAN (unclassified).

and yes, I've read lartc,....but I'm still confusing, really.

As we all known, we can only shape outbond traffic w/ htb. But when I was lend to [i]LARTC: 15.10. Example of a full nat solution with QoS[/i] (, on the example shaping is applied on Interface which has public IP (inet-interface). Why ?

In my situation above, which interface to shape? and which bandwidth to set as total rate? ISP's bw (128Kbit) or my NIC's bw (100mbit)?

Any suggestion and sample script are welcome. thanks
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    Re: Bandwidth Management w/ HTB

    Is what you're after?