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The Mono folks at Ximian have, rather famously, brought .NET to Linux (and other Unixes). It remains, though, a "heavy" framework. It has a [b]lot[/b] going on, and starting with it can be intimidating.

Scripting fans can make themselves feel at home in the .NET world, though. Several open-source projects make .NET scriptable. Ticklesharp, for example, "can be used to add Tcl to any .NET application, giving you access to a full fledged scripting language. . . . TickleSharp is a portable binding to the Tcl/Tk scripting language for the .NET platform." That's what Scott Beasley says on the TickleSharp home page he's set up at .
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    'Nother example: Python for .NET 1.0 beta 2: